“Deadshot” Puji Filem Black Panther, Pengarah Ucap Terima Kasih Atas Kejayaan Luarbiasa!


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Black Panther terus berjaya memecahkan rekod box-office.

Dan ianya dianggap penting atas banyak sebab. Antara yang terkini menghambur pujian adalah teraju utama filem Suicide Squad, Will Smith menerusi entri Instagram di bawah. Beliau memuji barisan pelakon utama dan krew produksi dan seterusnya memberikan alasan mengapa filem ke-18 dalam Semesta Sinematik Marvel (MCU) itu nyaris-nyaris membuatkannya mengalirkan air mata serta wajar dianggap sebagai revolusi baharu filem di Hollywood.

Apakah ini petanda awal yang beliau sendiri mungkin melobi secara halus untuk bersama MCU walaupun masih mempunyai kontrak sebagai Deadshot dalam sekuel Suicide Squad 2 kelak?

Tonton video tersebut di bawah ini untuk komen penuh:

I want to share something that Nelson Mandela said to me. . He said, “With the type of fame that you have attained it is important when you encounter your fans that you — Reach Your Hand Out and let them Feel Your Flesh. You have to prove to them that you are REAL — because people can not aspire to anything they do not believe is Real.” . So I say to you, Congratulations! Enjoy this Transcendent Moment. Go into the streets… Touch them… Let them know that you are real! . @chadwickboseman, @michaelbjordan @lupitanyongo @letitiawright @danaigurira @danielkaluuya @im.angelabassett @andyserkis @winstoncduke @sterlingkbrown @rmorrison @therealstanlee @ludwiggoransson @iamruthecarter #blackpanther . With Pure Delight WILL 🙂

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Dengan kutipan mencecah USD$240 juta setakat ini dan berjaya memecah rekod sebagai filem kedua dalam sejarah MCU untuk jualan tiket tertinggi di bawah The Avengers (2012), naskah arahan Ryan Coogler tersebut semakin menjadi fenomena budaya dan bangsa seluruh dunia perfileman superhero.

Untuk itu, beliau telah mengeluarkan ucapan penghargan dan kenyataan rasmi di media sosial demi meluahkan rasa terima kasih kepada semua yang menyokong filem tersebut selama ini.

Surat tersebut boleh dibaca secara penuh di sini:

“I am struggling to find the words to express my gratitude at this moment, but I will try.

Filmmaking is a team sport. And our team was made up [of] amazing people from all over the world who believed in this story. Deep down we all hoped that people would come to see a film about a fictional country on the continent of Africa, made up of a cast of people of African descent.

Never in a million years did we imagine that you all would come out this strong. It still humbles me to think that people care enough to spend their money and time watching our film- But to see people of all backgrounds wearing clothing that celebrates their heritage, taking pictures next to our posters with their friends and family, and sometimes dancing in the lobbies of theaters– often moved me and my wife to tears.

For the people who bought out theaters, who posted on social about how lit the film would be, bragged about our awesome cast, picked out outfits to wear, and who stood in line in theaters all over the world– all before seeing the film…

To the press who wrote about the film for folks who hadn’t yet seen it, and encouraged audiences to come out…

And to the young ones, who came out with their parents, with their mentors, and with their friends…

Thank you for giving our team of filmmakers the greatest gift: The opportunity to share this film, that we poured our hearts and souls into, with you.


Ryan Coogler

P.S. Wakanda Forever”

Last modified: February 21, 2018

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